2017 Bank Holidays

List of US bank holidays for calendar year 2017.
# Date Week Day Holiday
1January - 2MondayNew Year's Day *
2January - 16MondayMartin Luther King, Jr. Day
3February - 20MondayPresidents' Day
4May - 29MondayMemorial Day
5July - 4TuesdayIndependence Day
6September - 4MondayLabor Day
7October - 9MondayColumbus Day
8November - 11SaturdayVeterans Day **
9November - 23ThursdayThanksgiving Day
10December - 25MondayChristmas
* : For holidays falling on Sunday, most bank offices will be closed the following Monday. In 2017, New Year's Day (January 1st) falls on Sunday. So following Monday (January 2nd) is holiday.
** : For holidays falling on Saturday, most of the bank branches will be open the preceding Friday. In 2017, Veterans Day (November 11th) falls on Saturday.


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