2018 Bank Holidays

List of US bank holidays for calendar year 2018.
# Date Week Day Holiday
1January - 1MondayNew Year's Day
2January - 15MondayMartin Luther King, Jr. Day
3February - 19MondayPresidents' Day
4May - 28MondayMemorial Day
5July - 4WednesdayIndependence Day
6September - 3MondayLabor Day
7October - 8MondayColumbus Day
8November - 12MondayVeterans Day *
9November - 22ThursdayThanksgiving Day
10December - 25TuesdayChristmas
* : For holidays falling on Sunday, most bank offices will be closed the following Monday. In 2018, Veterans Day (November 11th) falls on Sunday. So following Monday (November 12th) is holiday.


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